The Few, The Proud, The Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are not born, they gradually evolve.  You don’t meet them often.  As a former school teacher I would occasionally see an entrepreneur being created.  They were the kid who fell off their bike and got back on.  They were the ones who when bullied on the playground would crack a joke and get the bully laughing.  Or, they were the ones playing quietly in the corner fully engaged in a magical, imaginary world.  What those kids were displaying are the rules of an entrepreneur.

  1. Keep going.
  2. Think creatively.
  3. Be comfortable in being alone.

As an entrepreneur, there is no Human Resource Department to complain to when someone has bullied you at work.  You are your own department. You have to problem solve, often alone.  However, there is a secret to being an entrepreneur that many people do not realize until long into the game of running their own business.  The secret is that an entrepreneur cannot do the business alone.  Successful entrepreneurs know their strengths.  They know in order to run their business they must concentrate on their strengths and where they do not feel strong they get help.  THEY DO NOT TRY TO DO IT ALL.  If they tried to do it all, they know they will drain their energy and their most valuable asset, their time.

Entrepreneurs understand their greatest resources are their customers and they treat them well.  They also do not forget their customers and stay in touch with them.  Customers are the engine that keep the business going in the direction the entrepreneur wants to take the business.

Thinking outside of  the box is a trait entrepreneurs acquire.  They know they can’t always use the same strategy to solve a problem.  They take time to problem solve from different perspectives and they ask for help when they need it.  Entrepreneurs ask questions.

Taking risks is essential to being an entrepreneur.  If you like a steady path, and predictable outcomes, don’t even consider becoming an entrepreneur. Nothing is guaranteed.  The only thing that is guaranteed is that there will be extreme highs and extreme lows.  Rarely, is there calm.  Often this can be because the entrepreneur is trained for the storms and will create them if the seas of the business are a little too calm.  Many entrepreneurs will see calm seas as stagnant and will take a risk to move the business to the next level.  Sometimes this is a good idea!  Sometimes it is the worst idea!  Take note of this quality if you are married to an entrepreneur.  You need to know how to adjust your own sails!

Lastly, a successful entrepreneur gets away from the work.  As much as they may love what they do, they have learned that in order to survive and not burn out they need to recharge.  However, after a true entrepreneur recharges, watch out, a storm is coming and great adventures lay ahead for anyone who dares to be onboard!

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