Bonnie brought experience from a different, yet related, field of sales and service. Her ability to think outside the box to find new solutions to nagging problems helped immensely. She also connected us with other professionals who gave similar assistance with their respective expertise. During (and since) that time, we have become more efficient and focused in our business operations, more creative in seeking opportunities and expanding our brand and more connected to our staff, customers and community.

Bonnie is thoughtful, and she takes ownership in finding true solutions and opportunities for the businesses she advises. Our problems became her problems. She dedicated a lot of time to researching connections, information, and resources to help us find the right answers. In turn, our successes became her successes. Bonnie is a shining example of one who truly “partners with you” to find success.”
Jeremie Murfin, Five Star Guitars

Jeremie Murfin, Five Star Guitars

Jeremie Murfin, Five Star Guitars

Bonnie listens to her clients with the wisdom and experience of someone who has run a successful business. She understands that the “whRKW Creative Logoy you do it” is just as important as the “how you do it” and knows how to help clients find that unique purpose and turn it into a valuable asset.
Bobby Wittenberg, RKW Creative

Bonnie worked with me to take my art career to the next level. She gave me do-able ideas and a game plan for making money in the here and now, while clarifying and working towards my future career goals.
Anna Magruder

Anna Magruder

Anna Magruder

Artist, Anna Magruder

Artist, Anna Magruder

One of Bonnie’s great gifts is her ability to gather kindling and strike a match. I attended her Artists’ Boot Camp course and found new friends, like me struggling to clean the paint and ink off of fingers and step out of studios to confront the question of how to make a living in the expression of our art. We caught fire. We are moving, gathering, creating and turning a buck. Working with Bonnie was a clear turning point in my life.
David Mathew

Bonnie is an amazing resource. She truly cares about seeing businesses succeed. She was a great help to me, providing a lot of support, invaluable ideas and encouragement. When I eventually decided to close my business, she was there for me every step of the way. Bonnie’s retail experience and connections helped me gain clarity in my business and balance in my personal life. I highly recommend Bonnie for business advising and coaching!
–Tina Jacobsen, Former Owner, Jacobsen’s Books

Bonnie has lit a fire in me.  I took Bonnie Kahn’s “Boot Camp” for Artist’s this past Spring.  I’m a professional photographer and have enjoyed some success and recognition over the years.  However, I’ve always found it difficult to market my work. Bonnie’s expertise in running galleries, coupled with her enthusiastic ability to network, introduced us to a number of local resources. She also has great insight on being able to read individual needs. She brought the markets to us!  At the end of the class I was accepted into a local gallery and had the opportunity to display my work in two public exhibits.
Judi Davis

Judi Davis Photography

Photographer, Judi Davis

Bonnie Kahn, through her business coaching, showed me I was being extremely negative about my own art work. I had no awareness that I was poorly representing myself, but I was. There hasn’t been anybody in all of my years of education — BFA and MFA — who has educated me about actually selling and connecting with a customer. Bonnie has been invaluable to me. Business coaching with Bonnie Kahn pushed me to believe in myself, my product and to think more broadly about my market place. It has been helpful to work with a professional like Bonnie who is both an advocate and motivator. She is also a mentor; with many years as a business owner, as well as a salesperson for her own business.
Amelia Opie

Amelia Opie, art

Artist, Amelia Opie

As a former student and client of Bonnie’s I can attest to her skills in motivating and coaching artists. I continue to rely upon her class materials, recommendations and guidace in developing and growing my business.
Beth Collins

Beth Collins

Artist, Beth Collins


Bonnie’s insightful conversations have helped me articulate what role art plays in my life and what being an artist means to me. Her gentle coaching method is effective and authentic.
–Judi Smith-Stott

Bonnie is witty, brilliant, and fun to learn from. Her course helped me think more professionally about the business side of art.
Joanne Licardo

Oil painting of Son by Joanne Licardo, another successful artist mentored by Bonnie Kahn.

Artist, Joanne Licardo

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