Is your sales staff great at making connections and building relationships, but do they fall flat when it comes to actually asking for money? They may need training and motivation.


Guest Lecture Services

Do you excel at customer service, but find clients still walk out the door without buying anything? You may need a tried and true process for closing sales.

As a guest lecturer, I can teach you and your sales staff simple steps that can increase revenue for your business now and for years to come.

Over the past 20 years, I have sold millions of dollars worth of art. I have also coached all types of small business owners and watched entrepreneurs grow their companies. My clients have included solo entrepreneurs, small business owners, retailers and members of the Fortune 500.

Many clients have used my process with great success, because I’ve taught them how to enter both the mind and heart of a client. You and your staff will learn how to listen to your client, close a sale, build revenue and have your customers returning for more.

If you are good at getting in the door but not closing sales, then you need me. If you need to motivate others to succeed or to close sales to earn a better living, I can help.

Let me show you the HeArt of the Close!

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