How to Make the Phone Work for You in Business

Small girl on old-fangled phone.

How to make the phone work for you in business. I believe I am one of a few people who actually likes to do business on the phone. Here are some tips that have worked for me:

1. Try to use a landline phone. The connection is clear, the phone is easier to hold, and you may be less distracted.

2. If you are calling without an appointment, ask if this is a good time to talk. If it is not, ask when it will be?

3. Talk shows make suggestions that when you are being interviewed, let the host take the lead. On the phone, as much as possible, let your customer take the lead.

4. Take time to pause before you answer a question. Since you can’t look for visual clues, assume during a pause your customer still has more to say. If you have to, count in your mind slowly to three during a pause. I have closed many sales doing this.

5. Remember, your customer wants to feel heard. The better listener you become, the more your sales will increase.

6. Phones are excellent places to close sales. Here are some great closing lines:
Would you like me to mail you the painting (or whatever it is you are selling)?
I do except visa.
I can deliver the painting to you.

7. Remember, once you ask the question, do not speak because the next person that speaks looses. If you speak before you get the answer, you may loose the sale.


For more info. check out this link “The Art of Listening by Brenda Ueland.” 

Happy Selling!

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