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Building New Clientele

Recently, I was approached by the executor of the estate of Susana Santos/Yakama Tygh Valley.  Susana was a well known painter, sculptor, and writer,  dedicated to interpreting the rich legacy of Native people. She was also a tireless advocate for the rights of indigenous children and tribal fishing. In Susana’s short life, she created a […]

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Murder of a Muse

I have worked with hundreds of artists for over 35 years. Each has had a story, a muse, and a tormentor. No two artists are alike for each had their passions, their dreams, and typically their own form of self-sabotage. Self-sabotage is interesting. It reminds me of a good murder mystery.  The writer in a […]

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You Need a Purple Gnome

Recently, I was interviewed by the lovely and talented Teresa Bergen from Urban Art Network regarding tips for a successful art business.  After the article came out, I realized I left something out that will empower an artist to succeed.  What I had left out is the importance of artists acknowledging their vulnerabilities.  To make this […]

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Steal My Ideas

I have decided to post regularly under “Steal My Ideas.”  Quite frankly, as a Small Business Advisor, I tire of people telling me that they had an idea and someone ripped them off.  They use this as an excuse for not moving forward, stunned like a deer in the middle of the highway paralyzed by […]

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