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How to Grow the Portland, Oregon Art Market

“You can’t make money in the arts.” “You can be an artist after you become a doctor.” “If you want to make money in the arts, move away from Portland, Oregon.” Those statements are pounded into art students heads often from the first day they walk into the classroom until the day their diploma is […]

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Steal My Ideas

I have decided to post regularly under “Steal My Ideas.”  Quite frankly, as a Small Business Advisor, I tire of people telling me that they had an idea and someone ripped them off.  They use this as an excuse for not moving forward, stunned like a deer in the middle of the highway paralyzed by […]

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Tell Your Story

Tell your story!  Sometimes, getting to the heart of what you do as an artist can be a difficult journey.  The painter Anne Packard did it.  Her story is deeply raw and beautiful.  This video is an excellent example of how to tell your story.  Also, bring in the clients, let them tell you why […]

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