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Bonnie Kahn

I’m so glad you’ve found my website. My mission is to help you turn your dreams of being a successful entrepreneur into reality.

I have relied on my own entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. Our family did not have much money and I needed to find different opportunities to raise cash. As a child, I learned to buy and sell toys, books and other items. To pay for college, I raised money buying and selling from garage and estate sales. Doing research on the pieces I sold was a big part of my success because I learned to tell each item’s story.

I graduated from the University of Oregon. After working as a teacher, I turned my focus to the sale and acquisition of antique and contemporary Native American art in leading retail establishments like Portland’s Quintana Galleries. I also served as a curator for private museums, including the Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. Museum of Native American Art, one of the top private collections of indigenous art in America. Working with Dr. Pamplin taught me the skill of telling a story and learning how to sell the “sizzle and not the steak.”

For several years I owned a successful gallery in Portland, Oregon that grossed up to $500,000 a year in art sales. Running Bonnie Kahn’s Wild West Gallery taught me how to close a sale, when to stop and listen to the client and when to ask for payment. These are the skills I teach my retail and corporate clients.

The relationships I developed – with both artists and buyers – were key to my success. Through my work I discovered a passion and skill for connecting people with the art that “speaks” to them, and more importantly, how to run a successful business.

Today, I use my retail background to help coach others who dream of owning their own business. I served as a small business advisor at Portland Community College’s CLIMB Center for Advancement (Continuous Learning for Individuals, Management and Business). My work at the Climb Center strengthened my skills in advising all types of small businesses. In 2016, one of my Climb Center clients, Five Star Guitars, went on to be voted the number one small business in Oregon by the Small Business Administration.

My coaching experience has also included artist “boot camps,” and vocational advising through the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde. I am a certified Life Skills Coach and a certified instructor for Indianpreneurship, offered through the Oregon Native American Business Entrepreneur Network. From 2014 to the winter of 2016, I am honored to say I mentored with Jackie B. Peterson, a small business advisor who has empowered hundreds of small business owners.

I am a frequent public speaker and author of two books on Native American art. My third book, “From Purpose to Profit” (coming soon) teaches you how to successfully close sales, and how to motivate others in their sales work.

Now that you know me a little better, I hope we can work together to help you build the career you’ve always wanted. Let’s hone your vision and goals and into a business that’s profitable and fulfilling.

Bonnie Kahn talks with Jackie B. Peterson.  Bonnie mentored with Jackie and was a facilitator of her program Better Smarter Richer.  Conducted in 2015, this interview covers how to close a sale and make a successful living selling art as an encore professional.

Originally recorded January 25, 2015.

Bonnie Kahn speaking with the Business Voice about successful entrepreneurship.

Originally recorded March 2, 2015, at Channel AM 1360 KUIK, The Voice of Washington County.

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