Your Art Wants to Leave You


Please don’t take this too personally but your art wants to leave you.  As an artist, if you are creating work and letting it pile up in different rooms and closets, you are denying your art the experience of engaging with the world.  If you are not releasing your art because of fear or lack of knowledge regarding how to get it out into the world, here are some questions to ask yourself.

  1. What is the reason you are creating the art?  Is it for relaxation or a stress release?  If your art is being created for relaxation or a stress release then don’t add to the stress, give it away, let it go!
  2. If you are building a business with your art, be clear on your intention and tell yourself, ” I am an artist building my business.”
  3. Now that you are clear that you are building your business, describe the art you do.  What makes your work unique?  When you are clear on this write it down.
  4. Look at the group of art you want to sell.  Is there a theme?  If so, write it down.
  5. Is your art priced?  If not, get out in the world and look at art.  Where is art that is comparable to yours?  Next ask yourself how much experience you have as an artist?  Here is a hint.  Don’t say you have created art your whole life.  Only count the years you decided to make art as a living.  Factor the years of experience you have into your pricing.  Once you come up with a price, add 10% above the price.
  6. Finding clients is your next step.  Where do you want your art seen?  One way to decide where you want your art seen is to notice art you admire in the community.  Find out the process the artists you admire went through to get their art hung in various establishments.
  7. Become known in the community.  Many well known artists know you have to show up and apply to the various opportunities. Get out there and get known.  If this is uncomfortable for you, find a gallery that will do your promoting for you.
  8. Keep creating.  You want to keep the muse inspired.

Once your art is created, don’t deny it the opportunity to engage with the world.  Your art was made to leave you.  Need help? Contact me.  I am a business coach.

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