12 Steps to Success for a Small Business:



  1. Focus.  I mention this first because typically this is the most difficult thing to do for creative individuals. However, it is the key to success. You are developing your niche and are becoming known for your niche.
  2. Know your value and communicate to others the value your product or service provides.
  3. Some of your greatest clients will come to you through referrals. Never be afraid to ask for referrals!
  4. Consistently market. Once you begin to see progress with the marketing plan you have developed, stay with it. Too often people begin to have success and then pull back from marketing. Stay with success!
  5. Have patience. It takes time to build a business. If you expect too much from your business too early in the process, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.
  6. Know how you will judge success in your business. Make goals that are manageable. Under promise and over deliver with your clients and yourself.
  7. “Pride goeth before the fall!” If your product is not moving or you are not developing the customer base you want, pull back and change what you are doing.
  8. Get out of your store or studio. Getting away from your business can rejuvenate you and your business.
  9. Know the seasons of your business and prepare for them. When business is slow, market and reach out to prior clients.
  10. Remember, 37 percent of our workforce are entrepreneurs. Hire fellow entrepreneurs for your business needs. Using this method pays it forward for everyone.
  11. Take time to appreciate what you have accomplished. Too often we do not take time to appreciate the work we do.
  12. Hire a coach and listen to them. Chances are, if they are a business coach they have been there and have done what you are doing. Listening to your coach can save you a lot of grief!
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